School has started in Germany!


We are travelling in a VW Bus and an old Sprite caravan from the seventies that we have converted into a nomadic studio to live and work in. The caravan has a basic but robust equipment to accommodate the needs of daily family life as well as those of individual art work. It sleeps 4, has a tiny kitchen and just enough room for all of us to work:  to draw, make paper works, take photographs and videos.

This is the starting point of an `art-relay´: We are spending a four week travel residency in our mobile caravan studio from mid July to mid August 2009. During this time we will move around the country with open eyes, create art work in response to what we see and experience and publish our work here in this blog.We will be visiting Irish art venues, galleries, art centres. Our idea is to donate our mobile studio to an art orga

nisation or venue after our time here in Ireland, which would then hand it on to other interested artists to use it on a temporary basis. We would like to start a `relay´ in the sense of an ongoing travel residency for many artists in the future who would use the caravan to produce work out in the Irish landscape and continue to publish the results on this blog.